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IPS Empress Direct Effect

IPS Empress Direct Effect is a highly esthetic, flowable and light-curing composite resin for direct restorative treatment procedures.

The flowable characterization materials of IPS Empress Direct Effect assist the creative user with the reproduction of the demanding characteristics of natural teeth in the anterior region, such as the halo effect or the accentuation of the mamelons.
IPS Empress Direct Effect is available in the following three shades: Opal shade (Trans Opal), translucent shade (Trans 30) and Enamel shade (Enamel Bleach XL).


  • Flowable consistency for precise characterization and targeted application
  • Three selected Effect shades: Trans Opal, Trans 30 and Enamel Bleach XL for the easy reproduction of demanding effects


  • As intermediate or covering layer in the design of esthetically demanding composite restorations
  • Repair of composite restorations (particularly to fill bubbles and to smooth out porosities or small chippings)
  • As initial layer under Class I and II restorations
  • Small restorations of any type
  • Extended fissure sealing
  • Splinting of mobile teeth
  • Blocking out of undercuts
  • Repair of composite/ceramic veneers