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Proxyt pastes - targeted, gentle, reliable

The new Proxyt pastes clean more effectively, yet still very gently. Unnecessary abrasion of tooth structure or roughening of restorations is prevented. The medium abrasive value is also available without fluoride and without flavour additives.


Prophy pastes for professional tooth cleaning and polishing.
Three different abrasive values are available.

Paste containing fluoride

  • Proxyt RDA 7, fine
  • Proxyt RDA 36, medium
  • Proxyt RDA 83, coarse

Fluoride-free paste

  • Proxyt RDA 36, medium

RDA = Relative Dentin Abrasion

Proxyt fine without pumice is suitable for polishing tooth surfaces as well for cleaning top-quality restorations and implants. The paste is gentle to the gums and peri-implant tissue.


  • Three defined levels of abrasion
  • Containing xylitol
  • Spatter-free formula

Benefits for the practice team

  • Customized, gentle cleaning and polishing
  • Customized solutions for individual needs
  • Long-term maintenance of teeth, restorations and implants