LED Curing Lights

True innovation proves itself in use. A perfect example of this is the Bluephase curing light with the specially developed Polywave LED.

Bluephase is not only the best-selling LED polymerization light in Europe, but it is also frequently used in clinical and scientific studies and has been ranked topcuring light by independent and renowned test institutes.The Polywave LED lights achieve an optimal broadband spectrum of 385 to 515 nm, similar to the spectrum of halogen lights, which served as their model. All Bluephase curing lights are therefore suitable for polymerizing the entire range of photoinitiators and materials currently used in dentistry.

Every material, every indication, every time and comfortable to fit every hand – only this combination gives you the licence to cure.

bluephase20i_800x600 teaser

Bluephase Style 20i

On a powerful mission

bluephase_powercure teaser

Bluephase PowerCure

The innovative Bluephase PowerCure for intraoral polymerzation

bluephase n group image

Bluephase N Family

LED for all curing needs

Bluephase Meter II

The reference for determining the light intensity

Bluephase G4

The innovative Bluephase G4 for intraoral polymerzation

EE_3s Family Visual_933x408

3s PowerCure Product System

The product system for esthetic posterior restorations Experience the difference with 3s PowerCure This automatic assistance system helps you achieve reliable curing results. The curing light automatically detects movement of the handpiece during the ...